Who is Quantum Evolve?
Quantum Evolve is a technology company that revolutionizes housing delivery model by combining onsite construction with offsite volumetric production of precision-engineered buildings which significantly shortens delivery time and creates certainty in cost and bottom line for building projects.

When Quantum Evolve is founded?
We were founded in 2018.

What does Quantum Evolve do?
With over 30 years of experience in design and high-speed precision engineering, we create the most innovative high-performance housing solutions that offer multiple advantages across the value chain.

Our building markets include residential, students’ accommodations, assisted care homes, hotels and workers’ accommodations.

Where does Quantum Evolve Operate?
Our group headquarters are based in Asia and United Kingdom and manufacturing facilities in Johor, Malaysia.

What are the benefits of Modular over conventional construction?
There are many advantages of modular construction.

Modular method maximizes productivity as buildings are manufactured in a factory and no downtime due to weather condition.

The cost is 40% – 60% cheaper than traditional methods as they are fixed and under control besides contributing more to a greener environment by reducing material waste.

How Customizable are the units?
We provide customizable units upon our client request.

With extraordinary talents and capabilities of our experienced team members, we guarantee the highest satisfaction in each of our completed product.