Products Overview

Our wide range of products from standard to bespoke homes to housing accommodations are
designed to form the perfect union between form and functions. By manufacturing our buildings, we are able to continuously improve the processes and performance of our products to deliver better value to our clients as technologies evolve..

Benefits of Modular


Reduction In Build Time

Shorter Build Time

Parallel offsite construction reduces build times.


Time and Cost Certainty

Reduces Delays & Cost Overruns

Building offsite in a factory-discipline environment and use of manufactured components enable better time and cost management.


Speed To Market

Accelerated Completion

Earlier return on investment from construction time savings translating to increase in projects internal rate of return


Reduction in Site Labour Requirement

Less on-site workers requirement than traditional building methods


Building Weight Reduction

Economics Domino

30% reduced building weight compared to the conventional masonry construction method – lesser load on foundation and ground slabs.


Superior Quality

Precision-built with factory-based quality control


Safer Construction

50% of construction activities are carried out offsite


Greener Footprint

Efficient use of materials and minimization of waste


Increased Productivity

50% increase in work productivity in a factory environment

Standard Homes

All Quantum Evolve’s modular homes can be personalized to adapt with our clients’ needs. The building process for our modular homes begins with standard features and then personalized with our clients’ preferred or custom features.