Technically-Enabled Vertically Integrated Services Across the Building Lifecycle

Our one-stop design and build platform combines modular architectural design, supply chain innovations, manufacturing, ground works, logistics and installation into an integrated service that helps us deliver projects faster and more effectively.

We revolutionize housing delivery model by integrating onsite construction with offsite volumetric production of precision-engineered factory-built homes enabled by the Quantum Building System and Technology

For each of our project life cycle, from initial concept design and project planning through to procurement, logistics, installation to handover, we adopt a hands-on approach to work proactively and collaboratively to meet our clients’ requirements.

We practice a fabric first approach in each aspect of housing delivery, from concept to key, that puts us ahead in forward planning and “getting it right the first time”.

A “Factory-In-A-Box Model” For Rapid Scale Deployment

Our “factory-in-a-box” model offers the unique advantage of replicability of scale and mobility for production as well as greater precision, higher productivity and superior quality control in our building process.

Operating as an extension of the project site, our facilities are designed for rapid scale deployment with customized output, requiring less than 4 months to set up to meet demand requirements. This, combined with our multidisciplinary team of experienced experts place us at the cutting edge of precision-engineered manufacturing.

Our current factories operate on a 80,000 square feet site in Johor, Malaysia which are approximately 30 kilometres away from the Tanjung Pelepas International Port.

It’s Not Just What We Build, It’s Also How We Build

Quantum Evolve’s building system, is premised on sustainable design principles, balancing between creativity, speed, efficiency and quality, reflected in our building process and material choices and details in creating modern functional spaces for our clients.

At the forefront of our process is the focus on sustainable approach in building construction.

The essence of modular manufacturing reflects our sustainable approach to building. The speed and precision in construction and reduction in waste materials and labour requirement effectively reduces the environmental footprint of our building process. Our precision manufacturing also ensures efficient use of materials as specifically needed.

Our value-added engineering ensures that from inception, our buildings are highly efficient, created with the objective of minimizing maintenance and running costs through well-thought design engineering and careful materials selection with superior energy conservation features